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Welcome to King’s Rochester Moodle.

What’s in it for Pupils?

On Moodle you can find online courses for your different subjects. Your teachers, who have set up the courses, have posted links and files you can use for homework and in class. Some courses, particularly those in the Prep School, will list your homework tasks. As you move further up the school, you may be asked to submit your work via Moodle.

What’s in it for Teachers?

Teachers can create online courses specifically for their classes. You can create web pages of information for your classes and upload files you have found or created. You can also create hyperlinks to web pages, articles and videos you want your students to access. Teachers can also create quizzes and assignments for their students to complete.

What’s in it for Parents?

Parents in the Prep School can access the homework tasks for their sons and daughters that teachers have posted.

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